Internet, Cable TV, Mobile Phone

In the course of our 10-plus-year relationship with Shaw, we’ve learned the communications industry is in continuous flux. We’ve helped the provider of cable TV, internet and mobile keep up with new technology and consumer demand. Along the way, we’ve developed a great working relationship that places collaboration at the forefront of all our projects.

Key Services
Digital transformation
Strategy development
Website design and development
Creative services

Delivering continuous improvements

We’re currently working with Shaw’s Digital Team across a number of areas to speed up the time to market for new products and to improve the customer experience across the board. The key to all this is a seamless integrated process that includes usability testing and evaluating existing site components on a regular basis. To pull that off, we sent some of our best people to work at Shaw.

A web page that asks Shaw customers what they watch on TV. The answers let Shaw suggest an appropriate package.
An image from a Shaw ad shows a woman riding an exercise bike while watching a tablet and monitoring her statistics on a smart watch.
A Shaw web page details Internet packages as well as Internet and TV bundles.

Our team, their team, new team

Embedding our team with the Shaw team let us increase their capacity, specifically in the areas of strategy, UX, design and experience management. We’re looking to create value for customers by improving their experience on the site. We’re making it easy for them to find the services they want and to keep up with changing offerings.

Streamlining the customer experience

Our research and usability testing identify pain points in the customer journey. New site components and design innovations that make life easier for customers are then introduced. In turn, these are tested and tweaked. And then we pore over the data and analytics. Early on, it became clear that customers were better able to find and purchase what they’re looking for on the site. And that makes life easier for Shaw.

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