We helped innovative design and technology company DIRTT get to the root of why they do what they do (and how they do it) and translated their key difference into an immersive online experience.

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Key Services
Strategy development
Experience design
Website design and development

Surfacing the value proposition

DIRTT is a highly innovative company. So innovative in fact, that they were having a hard time actually articulating to the public what it is they did. DIRTT, which stands for “Do It Right This Time,” is all about sustainable interior construction with the help of technology and a passionate, knowledgeable team. What began as an ask to create a digital strategy that would enable them to properly communicate their brand and value proposition, quickly turned to a conversation about their primary digital resource—the DIRTT website.

A pencil sketch of a hot air balloon floats above photos of a bright and airy office kitchen and two children working at a whiteboard in a colourful classroom.
The design page of the DIRTT website displayed on a smartphoen.

A site that communicates culture

Through various research methods, from stakeholder to partner and end-user research, we confirmed what everyone already kind of knew—where DIRTT lives is uncharted territory, which is partially why very little language had been developed around how to express their value. We pushed into different verticals like design, architectural, and technological firms for inspiration, and kicked off the project with a Google Ventures Design Sprint. We got to the bottom of the “what” and “why” of DIRTT, ensuring each element of what would eventually become the homepage was infused with DIRTT’s culture.

Groundbreaking design for a revolutionary firm

In the end, we were able to help DIRTT in their mission to democratize design through a top notch user experience, beautifully vivid imagery, and universal language.

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