Everyone is always clicking, but things don’t always click. We put people first. We listen to clients and their customers and then get to work. It’s the only way to create the effective strategies, memorable brands and knockout marketing that forge lasting connections between businesses and people.


Like you, we’ve seen our share of beautiful, functional creative that nobody uses. We say, why not do some strategy first? We’ll figure out who you’re talking to, the best ways to reach them and how you’ll know when your message is connecting.

  • Research
  • Strategy development
  • Experience design
  • Analytics and data
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Illustrations depicting budgeting screens from the Brightside website. Brighside is ATB's mobile banking app.
A screen from the Brightside app that asks users to begin the budgeting process by identifying their interests.
An illustration of the goat that appears on the Brightside app.
A page from the Dialog website that features a rendering of the Royal Alberta Museeum.
A page from the Dialog website features the firm's work on transportation projects, including the control tower of the Edmonton International Airport.
A detail from the Dialog website features the firm's work on the design of the Banff Gondola's mountaintop discovery centre.


Your audience knows what they want. Why do so many businesses try to give them something else? In a nutshell, they forgot to ask. Or they forgot to listen. Or they forgot to implement what they learned. We do the advance work so that products, including software and mobile apps, support business goals and make meaningful differences in people’s lives.

  • Digital transformation
  • Website design and development
  • Ecommerce
  • CRM and marketing automation
  • Product
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Who do you think you are? It’s a trick question—if your business is in the marketplace, your brand already exists in the minds of your audience. Is their idea of your brand the same as yours? (Let’s find out)

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand expression
  • Merchandising and retailing
  • Creative services
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A father and son enjoy the scenery from the stern of a Maligne Lake tour boat that features our branding work on its hull.
Three icons we created to support the Maligne Lake Cruise brand.
The Maligne Lake brand shown on a coffee cup.
An ad from the Keep Wildlife Alive campaign we created for the Town of Banff. The ad shows a slice of pizza in a box with serrated edges alongside the tagline "Bear trap."
An ad from the Keep Wildlife Alive campaign we created for the Town of Banff. The ad shows a dachshund in a hot dog bun alongside the tag line "Cougar snack."


Sell things. Or sell more things you already sell. We create campaigns, content and collateral that connect with people. It’s not magic, but there is wizardry involved.

  • Campaigns
  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Media and search marketing
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