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A job recruitment website has to serve both employers and job seekers. Over the years, we’ve helped Glassdoor strike this tricky balance. We’ve prototyped and evaluated new components, proposed and tested site improvements and ensured the company could adapt to changing times. link iconexternal link icon
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Strategy meets tactics

Glassdoor must both respond to and anticipate users’ needs. That’s the big strategy. To get there, we devise an array of tactics. Some of these are quick wins like improving site navigation. Others are more involved, like improving the quality of leads employers receive. We’ve also worked to balance personalization and privacy for job seekers.

Follow the user

Research is the key to everything we do. In the wake of Black Lives Matter, we determined how companies could best explain what they were doing about diversity and inclusion. When COVID-19 devastated the job market, searches often returned no results. We led a redesign to ensure the results page offered options in nearby locations or other lines of work.

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The heart of the work

As a result of our efforts, average time spent on the site has increased, bounce rates have tumbled, and the site supports users through all stages of their journey. Better still, Glassdoor has become a trusted partner to employers and job seekers. It’s become a job site with a heart.

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