Financial Services

ATB has been a part of Alberta for more than 80 years. In the course of its history, the financial institution has evolved. But as technology transforms banking, the pace of change has accelerated in recent years. In collaboration with ATB, we’ve taken on a number of tasks to position the firm at the forefront of a changing industry.

Key Services
Strategy development
Experience design
Analytics and data
Creative services
Content marketing
A screen showing how ATB's Brightside digital banking app let's users round-up purchases and save the extra money.
A bunny-shaped piggy bank sits alongside a screen showing how ATB's digital banking app can encourage saving.
Two illustrated jars containing coins sit beside a screen showing how customers can use ATB's digital banking app to set savings challenges for themselves.

Getting the content right

Over the years, we’ve helped ATB create content across all its channels and business units. One of our earliest jobs was to create a content strategy to ensure ATB was using the right channels to deliver the right messages to the right audiences (internal and external).

Three screens detail the personas we developed for ATB as well as audience segmentations and attributes.

Helping businesses do their banking

In the course of subsequent engagements, we've helped ATB re-envision its business banking experience. We collaborated with internal teams on primary research, rapid design labs and extensive prototyping that we tested with customers. The result was a host of new features that met the changing needs and expectations of those customers.

The cover of a publication we created entitled Branches That Matter: Transforming Customer Experience Across the ATB Branch Network.
A laptop displays a the branch evaluation model we devised as part of the plan to transform ATB's branches.

Branching out

We drew on our experience-design expertise to help ATB make decisions about its branches. Site visits and extensive interviews with staff and clients led to a detailed understanding of customer journeys and what makes up an exceptional branch experience. We also created a service blueprint and a portfolio of branch formats to guide ATB’s decision-making.