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The Servus branch in the Calgary community of Panorama Hills is digital first. Operating without tellers meant the credit union needed an interactive digital experience that would engage members and promote conversations with financial advisers.

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Strategy development
Experience design
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Servus Panorama Hills

Content that speaks to a diverse audience

Panorama Hills is home to young, digitally savvy families, but Servus wasn’t well-known among this audience. Our content had to speak to a diverse audience, and it had to be immediately captivating. (These people weren’t going to wait around forever to do their banking.) It also had to prompt members to ask about Profit Share Rewards and personalized financial advice.

Getting a handle on the challenge

We started with user research and by talking with branch staff, retail-banking employees and members of Servus’s digital and member-experience teams. The main insight gleaned was that community was critically important to everyone. This became the driver of our strategy and informed a series of sprints covering UX, wireframes, content, creative direction, development and testing.

Increase member engagement

Less than a year after opening, the Panorama Hills branch was seeing significant improvement in member engagement compared to traditional branches. Members have noted that waits feel shorter and that they have a better grasp of their financial fitness. The interactive display has also been effective in prompting discussion with staff about financial products and strategies.