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What began as an exercise in developing Pursuit’s brand architecture soon grew to an examination and reinvention of their business model. As an organization “obsessed with the guest,” Pursuit sought new and more meaningful ways to connect guests and experiences. As their partners, we continue to help them put customers at the centre of every decision, every day.

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Meeting the needs of guests

At first glance, Pursuit is simply a stunning collection of connected brands: tours, hotels and activities that make for hyper-local and hyper-personal vacations and getaways. But it takes dedication and countless hours of drawing insight from research to map the journey of our customers. This labour of love falls to a dedicated client and creative team that takes a very personal interest in the individual brands and the guests. It’s really no surprise that we often find ourselves transformed by the very experiences we bring to life.

Pursuit full width image description
Pursuit full width image description

A constellation of brands

We created an endorsed brand model that allowed us to maintain the important character of locally-focused sub-brands within the clean, flexible lines of the Pursuit master brand. By celebrating the cultures, preserving the geographies and drawing out the activities unique to each Pursuit region, we built and filled out a framework within which to align sub-brands to the parent.

Our dedicated team centres everything around Pursuit’s customer journey, creating brands and experiences that answer to guests’ needs at every touchpoint.

Local knowledge meets a global brand

By embracing its local differences and leveraging the credibility that comes with the endorsement of a large, multinational brand, we enabled Pursuit to celebrate the authentic spirit of its iconic destinations and, more importantly, to share that spirit with their guests across all geographies.

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