Open Top Touring

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Banff, Alberta has no shortage of tourists and tours. So why did our Pursuit clients dream of creating a new, ninety-minute look at the town? Simple: they knew that working with Evans Hunt would bring to life something that modern-day Banff had lost: the charm and sophistication of touring the Rockies 1930s-style. Yowza!

Key Services
Experience Design
Digital Transformation

Touring like it’s 1939

Banff is renowned for its scenery and wildlife. Less well known are the explorers, artists and entrepreneurs who made it a paradise for people. We created a brand expression grounded in the written and design language of the 1930s. The expression follows the guest journey from pre-booking research to post-tour gifts and thank-you messages. We provided inspiration for everything from digital ads and a website to social media, merchandise and in-tour treats.

The sky’s the limit

While COVID-19 continues to hamper the Open Top experience, the Tripadvisor reviews are raves. From the client’s point of view, success will come. In the meantime, they’re impressed with how seamlessly this brand follows the corporate pillar of always being true to place and, in this case, time.