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Welcome to magnificent Iceland, an island nation renowned for stunning natural beauty and a reverence for the past. At Sky Lagoon, we helped create and communicate an experience that lets guests indulge in the restorative powers of an Icelandic tradition.

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Key Services
Brand expression
Social media
Web pages detailing Sky Lagoon's 7-step spa ritual are displayed on two smartphones.Sky Lagoon-branded products that enhance the spa experience, including Nordic Bath Tea.
Three Sky Lagoon social media ads: Travel to the edge of sea and sky, water is life and embrace the day then set is free.
The Pure Pass and the Sky Pass are two of the packages offered by Sky Lagoon.

More than hot water

Before Sky Lagoon broke ground, our travel/experience client Pursuit looked around. They saw that Icelanders—and the more than two million annual visitors—had plenty of opportunities to enjoy a dip in water heated by the Earth’s core. But they also saw what was missing: an opportunity to take people deeper than Instagram moments. In addition to the power of nature, Sky Lagoon would deliver authentic human warmth and the mystery of Icelandic culture.

A scrollable version of the Sky Lagoon website explains the oceanside geothermal lagoon and the importance of Iceland's bathing culture.

Travel to the edge of sea and sky

We began by writing a story based on Sky’s brand pillars and centred around the Icelandic ritual of thermal pools as places of connection and escape. But that was just the start. We also built a brand expression to lock into Sky’s unique location. It would be crucial in helping guests feel inspired even before they floated in the infinity pool or gazed up at the night sky.

A woman enjoys the Sky Lagoon sauna while gazing at the ocean through a large picture window.
The web page for the seven-step shows a woman soaking in a thermal bath. Superimposed on the web page image is a page from Sky Lagoon's eCommerce experience offering products used in the ritual.
 The packages page of the Sky Lagoon site shows the portion of the spa that is built into a grassy hillside at the waters edge and a bather floating in the geothermal pool.
A woman applies the Sky body scrub to her shoulder.

Mystery and the power of nature

Sky Lagoon opened in 2021, and was an immediate success with locals and international travellers. Our online tactics are tempting guests and gaining the attention of media around the world. It's a combination that has pushed Sky Lagoon high up the must-do lists of adventurous travellers.

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