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FlyOver Canada provides ride-goers with an unmatched view and experience of Canada’s amazing landscapes—from mountain peaks to crashing shores. Our opportunity was to improve attendance during the slower shoulder season while reinforcing exactly what makes this experience Canada’s Ultimate Flying Ride.

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Extending our reach

While the FlyOver Canada experience is far superior to any typical ride or movie, our clients always want to increase ticket sales – especially in the few weeks prior to summer. Informed by a focused geography and demographics, we reached beyond the familiar guest base with communications tailored to Asian and South Asian families with mid-to-high household incomes in the Vancouver suburbs. As part of a larger segment of new Canadians, they are quick to explore everything Canada has to offer.

A scrollabe version of the Soar Over Iceland page displayed on a desktop monitor. As users scroll, they get information about the landscapes and legends covered in the ride as well as details about other Pursuit attractions.

Oh Canada!

With plenty of opportunity to experience Canada at other local attractions, we knew that price alone was not the solution. Instead, the client insight that guests often reacted to our ride by saying “It makes me proud to be a Canadian!” gave us the ammunition to go straight to the heart of the matter. Through exploration sessions with FlyOver Canada, our creative team was able to capture the overwhelming sense of pride and awe that so many visitors felt on the ride. We turned a feeling into relatable content that would evoke emotion in those who hadn’t even experienced FlyOver Canada, yet.

People enjoy the Flyover Canada flying experience.
A coffee cup from the onsite Flying Whale Waterfront Cafe features a decorative wave motif.
Visitors in the pre-show area learn more about the country via a wall-mounted display that spells out Canada and features quotes from famous citizens.
A barista at the Flying Whale Cafe smiles as she sells a customer a fresh sandwich wrapped in paper.

Inspired response

With the help of several Vancouver area immigration agencies, we treated a group of new Canadians to the ultimate flying ride -- and created a video to share their very moving reactions on Facebook and programmatic pre-roll videos. In addition, we used Facebook’s ad platform Canvas to give audiences the opportunity to get closer to the FlyOver experience on mobile. As the campaign launched, we saw immediate results in the first week with a 6% increase in sales compared to the same week in 2016. Overall the campaign, which ran for two months, boasted a 30% increase in revenue over the previous year.

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