Alberta Family Wellness Initiative

Health Care, Education

The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative supports healthy families through a variety of services and programs. This broad focus means they speak to several audiences, including researchers, policy-makers and health-care professionals. When they first came to us, the AFWI was looking to create digital tools and programs to further its mission. link iconexternal link icon
Key Services
Experience design
Digital transformation
Website design and development

Creating a brainy brand

The new initiative needed a brand that would resonate with both professional and public audiences. We landed on Building Better Brains, a simple and direct message that spoke to everyone. We then used illustrations to create a visual vocabulary to accompany the new brand.

Getting the word out

In conjunction with Building Better Brains, we redesigned the AFWI website and helped the organization launch its Brain Story Certification program. We created a digital learning platform and a resource library to deliver the online course. We followed that up with a series of videos to illustrate key concepts in brain development.

A web tile reads "What can you do in the face of uncertainty?"
The hero banner of the Brain Story Certification page on the AFWI website.
The Brain Story Certification page on the AFWI website offers a course in which people can learn about the scientific underpinnings of brain development.

International recognition

We helped the AFWI make a complex subject accessible to lay people. At the same time, we made sure the information was useful for doctors and others working in the field. It was a difficult balancing act, but a rewarding one. The AFWI is a go-to resource for those looking for the latest research and the Brain Story Certification program has received international attention and been translated into French.

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