People’s Choice

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Balancing heritage with innovation, we worked with People’s Choice Beef Jerky to create an ecommerce experience that redefined their business. The once small operation has maintained all the traditions that make their jerky unique and delicious while forging ahead digitally to maximize sales across three countries. link iconexternal link icon
Key Services
Creative services
Website design and development

An established brand in need of an ecommerce boost

Even after 90 years, the philosophy behind the brand hasn’t changed: People’s Choice is made with purpose. Our challenge was to increase online sales with an engaging ecommerce experience, while positioning People’s Choice as a lifestyle brand that goes beyond jerky.

Three screens showing the People's Choice eCommerce experience are framed by a hand holding beef jerky.

Streamlining the sales process

Our first step was to make it easier for customers to easily browse and purchase People’s Choice product. Using an integrated Shopify solution, we created a CTA-driven shopping experience for users that was both functional and responsive. This created multiple online sales channels and integrated with their in-store POS system, providing a more streamlined sales process. People’s Choice’s newfound ability to better track and organize sales has not only streamlined the way they do business, but also how their customers shop.

A People's Choice ad carousel displays Beefzilla's favourite flavours

A monster campaign

The recent campaign to celebrate National Beef Jerky Day in the US needed to drive sales and grow the brand’s fanbase in a fun and engaging way. Cue Beefzilla’s Big LA Adventure—the brand’s beef jerky-loving mascot making her way through the city with jerky and merch in-claw. Leveraging their social media, website, and newsletter, People’s Choice was able to successfully create a sense of fun and community and increase overall sales by over 1,000% during the campaign period.

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