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Our relationship with Canadian Mountain Holidays began with a website redesign focused on promoting their heli-skiing adventures. After our success with that venture, we moved on to redesigning how the company presented its heli-hiking offerings. link iconexternal link icon
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Website design and development

Deep powder. Deep thinking.

CMH runs a business that drops people on mountain peaks with nothing but untracked snow and pristine trails at their feet. This is the stuff of dreams. In contrast, their website was pedestrian. It wasn’t generating new leads and it wasn’t closing deals.

A scrollable version of the CMH home page details the mountain adventures on offer and the amenities found at the company's backcountry lodges.

The thrill of eCommerce

We knew we needed to bring the thrill of heli-skiing alive on the website. Our solution was to “push the awesome” and drop site visitors right into the action to give them a taste of the adventure that awaits. The adrenaline boost was coupled with a streamlined process that guides buyers through their customized package. We used the same booking engine when it came time to revamp CMH’s heli-hiking offerings.

Extensive audience research showed that hikers were not all thrill seekers. Some were casual outdoors people who were more interested in a luxurious vacation. As a result, the Summer Adventure site focuses on the breadth of experiences on offer.

A hiker leaps across a small stream in an alpine valley amid wildflowers.
A detail from the CMH website shows two of the available backcountry hiking trips.
A map shows the locations and elevations of three of CMH's backcountry lodges.
Two hikers celebrate after summiting a mountain peak.

It all goes downhill (that’s a good thing)

The heli-skiing site launched with great industry feedback and was named Netlify’s Site of the Week. The Summer Adventure site also got glowing reviews. More importantly, CMH saw increased traffic and bookings from both skiers and hikers.